The Power of Feedback: Why the HAB Includes an In-depth Debrief Session

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the gold standard for measuring natural abilities. Consisting of a series of 19 timed worksamples, the HAB objectively measures a wide range of natural abilities. Upon completion of the HAB, clients receive an extensive, customized report that summarizes their results. 

In addition to the report, clients meet with a Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC) for a two-hour debrief session, either in person, by phone, or by video conference. This in-depth and personalized review sets the HAB apart from all other assessments, ensuring consistent quality and applicable, real-world results. 

In a world that demands faster and faster results, we have held firmly to the integrity of our process. A quick, ten-minute survey that you find online might be able to offer a glimpse into your abilities or personality, but quick and easy surveys yield easily forgotten results. The HAB is in-depth and highly personalized; anyone who invests in the process will reap a lifetime of practical and applicable self-knowledge. 

Think of it this way: you can read a psychology book and learn something about yourself. If there is a quiz at the end, you may even find that there’s a label or category that helps to explain who you are. But imagine the difference between just reading the book and having the opportunity to talk to the author; imagine having an extensive conversation during which the author applies the principles in the book to your specific situation. Your understanding would improve exponentially.

In fact, a recent statewide study of aptitude testing for high school students recommended that at least a 20-minute feedback session to review test results be included for maximum impact. There’s no question that feedback adds tremendous value to an assessment. But what can you expect to find out after taking the HAB?

Content of the Debrief

Highlands Certified Consultants undergo intensive training on how to understand and interpret the results of the HAB. They are well-versed in all areas of the assessment, including Personal Style Measures, Driving Abilities, Specialized Abilities, and Vocabulary. They also understand how to interpret the results in light of the Highlands’ proprietary Ability Blends and Ability Patterns. 

A personalized feedback session with a highly-trained consultant means that you will not only have the results from the HAB, but you’ll also be able to understand and apply them—to your life today and ahead in the future as well. During the feedback session, you will gain a clear understanding in each of the following areas.

Understanding Your Abilities

Your HCC will show you how the pieces of your various natural abilities fit together to provide meaning for occupational and academic application, with implications for your life and career. 

No Right or Wrong Answers

If you’re the kind of person who loves to get good grades, you need to put those expectations aside for the HAB. There are no right or wrong answers. Each person’s individualized results help paint a picture of the types of careers and work settings that will allow him or her to thrive.

The results from the HAB are displayed on continuums, with your score marked in relation to other takers of the HAB. We are accustomed to looking at scores and assuming that a higher mark is “good” and a lower mark “bad.” Those typical ways of interpreting the results do not apply to the HAB, however, and your HCC will take you through each result and explain the implications of a low or a high score. For example, someone who scores high in Idea Productivity will be good at generating new ideas, while someone who scores low in this area will possess a greater capacity for focus and concentration.

Ability Blends and Patterns of Abilities

Your HCC will also walk you through the proprietary Ability Blends and Ability Patterns. Based on extensive research, these combinations of abilities are presented in terms of how they match up with careers, occupations, and jobs that provide an outlet for the use of those abilities. 

Understand the Significance of Your Ability Profile

There are three categories that make up your ability profile: Personal Style, Driving Abilities, and Specialized Abilities. During the debrief, your HCC will explain the significance of each category and provide you with practical examples of how your abilities in each area are most likely to manifest.