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About Embark

Picture of Mike Barber
Mike Barber
Highlands Certified Consultant

"Should I go to college?  What should I major in?  What would I be good at?"

One of the most important (and expensive) decisions in life is demanded from 17-year old high school students, but students admit they "have no idea" and parents admit it "sneaks up" on them. 


"Why am I so unhappy in this role?  I don't even like this field!"

Current adults are feeling the effects from these haphazard decisions made years ago.  Many are "stuck" and feel they are "too far down the path" to make a change.  "Just get me to retirement."

I started Embark after experiencing the consequences of an uninformed decision for way too long.  Though I established a "successful" career, I was always conflicted on the inside.  Eventually, the toll of doing something "unnatural" each day caught up with me.  This is a very tough place to be.  


I knew about Johnson O'Connor and AIMS testing in Dallas but couldn't find anything locally in Fort Worth until I discovered the Highlands Ability Battery.  I took it online and met with a Highlands Certified Consultant who explained the source of my career stress.

Now, as a Highlands Certified Consultant, I know that an informed choice will blend interests, values, personality, abilities, skills and goals all together, but few are this self-aware without being intentional about it.  Embark measures natural abilities first and then layers in these other important aspects so that a person can form a personal vision.  


After all, it is a lot easier to swim downstream than upstream.  Interests and goals tend to change. Personality tests, while interesting, are just one piece of the puzzle.  A path that honors your unique, natural abilities will be easier, more enjoyable and likely to bring success and contentment.  

Click below and start down the path to make the complex more simple.  I would love to help you.

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